We can choose how to live our life. Be positive.

How have you live your LIFE so far?

on March 25, 2014


What exactly does it mean when you say “live a life?”  In reality it can vary depending on how you want to look at it.

For me living a life is reinventing myself — stripping myself of my comfort zone and learning to face up to it one day at a time.  I’m telling you it isn’t easy, but doable.

My reinvention started when I decided to embrace a career shift, I was so focused on the goal … DO WHAT IT TAKES TO MAKE IT HAPPEN.  There is that inner voice in me that say, “You are all set for this. Go get it!”  Head up, all dressed for the part, I knew I can pull it through.  I am tough, I am super woman!

And so I thought … the smooth ride I prepared myself for turned out a rough one.  I got myself ready for all the humps that go with it, but what I got where potholes and series of challenges – from adjusting to the new set up, managing co-freelancers, and even hunting for new projects (with slight mode of panic, I must admit) in between breaks. I was already in the verge of giving up.  Is this the life I want?

After taking that long deep breathe (the longest I ever had in my life), and calmed myself down, it dawned on me, YES this is the LIFE I want to LIVE!  And the way to stay alive is to CHANGE ME.

I am learning to live by the day and make it a habit to focus on treasures than pressure. Come to think of it it’s all around me – all that I needed, then little by little work on things that I wanted.

I love myself more than I used to with full acceptance that I remain a work in progress, the strong want to learn new tricks, and more importantly reach out to give help and seek one when needed.

I cannot control people and things around me.  But as I continue to live a life of optimism I have to start from me.


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