We can choose how to live our life. Be positive.

It’s Me TET

on March 25, 2014

The face behind the name.

Welcome to my BLOG!

Hi, I’m TET, a self-confessed wannabe writer and I intend to make use of my blog as a gateway of information – THE SOURCE of anything positive that I could think of.

As a person we can impact a CHANGE in our own little way.  And let this be my greatest gift to the world – echo positive thoughts to help keep people inspired to live.

By the way, before I reinvented myself, now as a full–time entrepreneur / marketing communications consultant / budding blogger and online jobber, I worked as a communications specialist providing marketing support services to competitive brands from retail, technology and automotive industries.

When I hit the fab 40, I have decided to embrace a career shift – out of my comfort zone and in to new and rewarding beginnings. Oh and I intend to share here in my blog tons of motivations to keep one going once you have decided to do the same as me.

Join me in this new journey. 🙂


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