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My Simple Stress Busters

on April 7, 2014

Any amount or kind of “stress” can dampen anyone’s spirit.  I am a testament to that.  My last two-weeks were one hell of a stress.

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I knew if I am bordering my stress level when it gives me sleepless nights, I lost my time management skills, lost my focus and often heave a sigh (I do not normally do this), and beginning to lose my sense of relationship.  Then I told myself THIS HAS TO STOP.

How did I do it?

Talk through myself and pray aloud.  In times like this I appreciate me-time.  I detached myself from causes of stress – may it be people, events, situations, or things.  Good 30 minutes will do.  I speak to God from the heart, share my feelings, my thoughts and seek comfort.  Then I commit to myself to put an end to the stress.

Change mindset.  In reality no one can take you out of the stress except yourself.  Teach yourself to speak less of stress causes and deal on how you can rise above it.  Next direct your mind and heart to it.

Seek for others prayers.  I have solid support group who happily and willingly share fellowship with me when I call for help.  These are the people who help me pop out the stress balloon. They listen.  They give advice.  Then they pray with me.

Now looking at the bright side of it, I thank God I have the consciousness to snap out of it than prolong it.

Remember to live stress-free is a choice.

… And how have you handled stress so far?  I may be able to use your techniques too. 🙂


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