We can choose how to live our life. Be positive.

Live by Faith

on April 24, 2014

Was there any instance in your life that you found yourself tired of worrying, sick of thinking what tomorrow holds?  And no matter what you do events around you go haywire?

What do you exactly do when you are in that very situation?  How do you manage it without losing control of your emotions?  Admittedly it is one tough act to take because in its natural course, it is the emotions that will dictate our next steps – either fell bitter, sulk in the corner, blame the world or worst yourself.

I have my share of life’s rough roads.  Who doesn’t have?  Is anyone spared?  I don’t think so.

But when faced with one and I am at my most vulnerable point, I always find myself clinging on to faith. One may think how easy it is for me to shift gear.  It’s not.  I go through the same process but I don’t have the patience to embrace the difficulties longer than usual.  It zaps my energy.  It keeps me out of focus.  It dampens my spirit.  And it makes me look terribly miserable.

Think of this.


image via design 4 living

You think you did your part, exert all the effort, still it does not solve the problem.  Then try letting go and let God do the work.

You sought advises from family members, closest friends and support group, and you still feel half empty.  Why not stop talking about it.  Kneel down and pray for it.

For you things have not changed. Everything is as they are.  Consider changing mindset.  Divert your attention.  Be thankful. There are reasons to only if you will allow yourself to.

If you can relate, share this journey with me and allow me to learn from your own experience.



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