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Inevitable changes just took place.

Many changes took place from my last blog this May.  

For one I’ve gone back to full-time job. I needed it badly. I am not in the liberty to delay it any further because of financial obligations I need to fulfill. And so I jumped in on the first who made the offer, not exactly in the exact package and price I want, but heck the opportunity came at the right time.

Secondly, my sister and I decided to close the physical store of our All-Pinoy Mart and instead focus on online selling. We both know that we will incur loss in doing this but keeping the place does not give us the assurance that sales will peak anytime soon. Until now even the online store has not reached its full potential. Finally, it became a mutual decision to shift selling strategy.

So where am I with these recent changes? I stay full-spirited, and even more inspired to do things better the next time around.

Without a single hesitation I have accepted the reality that my consultancy dream and entrepreneurial plans will be in slow burn phase for now. It is a temporary situation that has become an opportunity to come up with other plans for the disrupted businesses.

Yes I am back and even expecting more thoughts to share now that I am into manic corporate world once again.

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It’s Me TET


The face behind the name.

Welcome to my BLOG!

Hi, I’m TET, a self-confessed wannabe writer and I intend to make use of my blog as a gateway of information – THE SOURCE of anything positive that I could think of.

As a person we can impact a CHANGE in our own little way.  And let this be my greatest gift to the world – echo positive thoughts to help keep people inspired to live.

By the way, before I reinvented myself, now as a full–time entrepreneur / marketing communications consultant / budding blogger and online jobber, I worked as a communications specialist providing marketing support services to competitive brands from retail, technology and automotive industries.

When I hit the fab 40, I have decided to embrace a career shift – out of my comfort zone and in to new and rewarding beginnings. Oh and I intend to share here in my blog tons of motivations to keep one going once you have decided to do the same as me.

Join me in this new journey. 🙂

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